How to Install Dread Extensions for Short Hair: Guide

Having dreadlocks doesn’t necessitate waiting for your hair to grow out. Short hair gives you a lot of flexibility, and you can try out a variety of looks. In case you want dreadlocks, but your hair isn’t long enough, consider these alternatives.

You have a choice between three styles, but your hair needs to be at least four inches long for any of them. Having your hair dreadlocked at 4 inches and then adding “Human Hair Dreadlocks Extensions” is the first and, in our opinion, best option.

Colors and lengths for these dreadlocks range from 10 to 20 inches. While we do keep a lot of these on hand and ready to ship, there are a few we don’t carry that we can make special for you based on your specifications. These dreadlocks are crocheted to a flawless finish, so you can start wearing them right away. One can either permanently or temporarily set these up.

How to install dreadlock extensions on short hair?

How to Install Dread Extensions for Short Hair: Guide

A total of seven basic techniques exist for kicking off a loss routine. What works best for you will depend heavily on your hair’s texture, how long your hair is, and what size you’re hoping to achieve.

Regardless of your hair type, “locs” can be created with enough time, effort, and care. The hair will go through the same locking phases regardless of the method used, but the appearance of the locks will change in different ways at each stage.

1. Using two-strand twists to create your initial locs

Two-strand twists are the go-to technique for longer hair or highly textured hair, but they can be used with as little as 4 inches of hair to create a loc. Depending on the size of the two-strand twists, starting locs with them will give the locs a solid internal foundation and result in thicker locs. 

Drawbacks Depending on the individual, it may take anywhere from six months to two years for the lines of the two-strand twists to completely disappear, giving the appearance of solid logs. At first, the ends of your twists may unravel, but if you take good care of them, the loss should last for a long time. Locs created with two-strand twists can be maintained with palm rolling or comb twisting.

2. Applying braids/plaits before installing locs

Braids or plaits with at least 5 inches of hair of any texture are suitable for initiating locs. For those who experience excessive perspiration on the scalp or who prefer an interlocking method of loc maintenance, “Braid Locs” are a great option. It can take up to a full year for the braided pattern to fade out of the hair, and in the case of longer hair, the pattern may never go away at all.

In addition, the loss may end up looking more flat than round because the braiding pattern creates a more linear aesthetic. For a while, the ends of your braids may come undone. Styling your locks after a maintenance session or threading the ends can solve this problem. Locs created with braids or plaits can be maintained with palm rolling or interlocking.

3. Initiating hairstyles with comb coils

Depending on the desired outcome, only two to three inches of hair are needed to begin locks with comb coils, and this method can be used with hair of any texture. To achieve the classic pencil-length loss, many people today use a comb to wind the hair around their heads in uniform coils. 

Starting locs with comb coils on longer lengths of hair will take longer to lock because the comb coil’s interior is hollow, and the coil has to mesh together internally before it can begin locking. Because soft-textured comb coils can be easily undone by exposure to water, it’s important to only wet them when shampooing. This is the quickest way to achieve the “locs look” once the ends have been sealed, and a bud has been added.

4. Backcombing

Teasing the hairs to “create” an internal intertwining of hairs and then palm rolling it into the shape of a loc is a popular technique among people of European descent or those with naturally straight hair. Since I started my current set of locks using backcombing, and it turned out wonderfully for my fine, soft hair, I have a bias in favor of the technique.

Blow-outs, also known as budding on the shaft of the locs rather than the ends, can occur if the locs are not cared for properly at the outset. When you backcomb your hair, you get “instant loss” that can be easily maintained with palm rolling or comb twisting.

5. Sisterlocks 

To set up or start locs with interlocking Sisterlocks is for people who have hectic schedules but still want to look put together most of the time by eliminating the need for regular maintenance of their loss. To achieve this effect, the loc is interwoven with itself, either with a tool or the fingers.

Locs are typically very tiny as a result. Also, the time it takes for your hair to completely lock can range from six months to two years or more. Because the bloc’s matrix (the internal structure) is created through interlocking, the loc will swell in size as it matures and then gradually decrease in size as the shed hairs accumulate around the matrix.

6. Extending the length of a loc

It’s a great way to fake long, cultivated locs if you don’t want to go through the “ugly phase” of locs. Human hair fibers, synthetic fibers, or even someone else’s loss can be used to attach loc extensions. You can keep the new growth in place with palm rolling, interlocking, or comb twisting, and Loc Extensions are an option for all loc styles except Sisterlocks and Brotherlocks. 

When you first start out with synthetic fibers, your locs will be heavier, and you won’t be able to dye them unless you remove the extensions. The instantaneous cultivation of locs through extensions also makes it difficult to relate to others in the local community because you never get the full experience of growing your hair into maturity. If you want your natural hair to match the “loc’d” extensions, you’ll have to go through the locking process, which, as anyone who has lots can tell you, includes frizz.

7. Organically

Many people choose to start their loss the natural way by using a curl sponge or by never detangling their hair again after a shampooing. When your hair is in a freeform loc style, you let it grow in however it wants to and don’t try to control its appearance. Although some may find this uncertainty to be part of the journey’s allure, others may find it unsettling until they’ve grown to appreciate it. If you’re starting with a natural hair care professional and using any of Methods 1-6.

You should visit the salon every 4-6 weeks for the first six months to make sure the locking process is starting properly and to fix any problems if they arise. To put it bluntly, it’s heartbreaking and expensive to wait six months before returning to the salon only to discover that you could have avoided the problem altogether by going in sooner. You will learn a lot about your hair and about yourself as you go through the process of growing locs if you are patient.

Dread extensions on short hair near me

How to Install Dread Extensions for Short Hair: Guide

Locs, like other types of hair extensions, can go through an “awkward phase” as they grow, similar to when you first get them or when you grow out a big chop for health reasons or your early-pandemic bangs. (To be fair, it can be very difficult to practice patience regardless of your hair type, whether you want instant loss or an instant high-lift blonde makeover.) 

Perhaps you are tired of their naturally slow growth and want to inject some color without jeopardizing the health of your follicles because they aren’t yet as long as you’d like. To begin, let’s dispel a widespread myth: Loc extensions and faux locks are not the same things. The latter, known as “faux locs,” is a protective style in which braids made from naturally curly hair are wrapped in synthetic hair to give the impression that the hair is coiled.

 Loc extensions, on the other hand, are designed for people whose natural locks are already quite long but who would like a bit more length for the long haul. Master loctician and hairstylist Kathy Clarke from New York’s Hair By Susy Salon says, “Loc extensions allow you to extend or create locs without having to go through the stress of the beginning phases of growth.

Short dread extensions for males

The popular hairstyle known as dreadlocks has a lot going for it. Inviting, rich in personality, and low-maintenance, this is the ideal home. Because of the way dreads are styled, they protect the scalp from stress and keep the hair hydrated. They also call for a long-term commitment, as some of them take years to mature.

Thankfully, the time required to get dreadlocks has been greatly reduced. In a flash, you can achieve one of the most recognizable coiffures in history. Dread extensions, in a phrase. Dreadlock extensions are a unique style that can be both daring and laid-back. The dread extensions pictured in this review are exactly the kind of natural, bouncy, and soft hairstyle I’d choose for myself.

1. Awesome dreadlock extender

This is a pre-lopped dread extension that is shiny, light, bouncy, soft, and breathable. 20 to 24 inches long Available in 10 colors Ombré colors ready. Awesome Crochet Hair Extensions are made of high-quality synthetic fiber. It has some characteristics of human hair due to its low-temperature nature.

A pack of this extension contains 20 strands of dreadlocks. With each strand weighing about 6 grams, it is comfortable to wear. It is available in a rainbow of shades. All lengths are 20 inches for the black, blue, brown, red, pink, grey, sand, and blonde varieties. Tricolor and ombré styles are also available, and both are 24 inches in length.

Two or three packs are required to provide full head coverage. This is because the typical width of a single strand is 0.8cm. You’ll find crotchets and beads in this pack. It’s possible to use needles to secure the extension to your hair. The beads can be used to increase firmness. The setup procedure is simple.

After receiving the extension, you may feel like it’s stiff. Put the hair in water for a few minutes, then let it air dry. When it dries, it will be less rigid than before. The more you wear it, the more supple and springy it becomes. There are virtually no downsides to using this crotchet enhancement. It doesn’t have that chemical odor, and it lets your scalp breathe while you use it. There is also little risk of irritation or itching.

2. Rastafarian weave hair extensions for Yonna

If you want the look of dreadlocks but don’t want to wait years to achieve it, Yonna Handmade Dreads is your solution. Human Hair Dreadlocks Extensions by Yonna, Handmade A great place to shop is

Salient Characteristics It’s a whole 12 inches in length! It’s possible to use bleach and dyes. Offered in a rainbow of hues, The Yonna male loc extension is a great choice if you’re going for a ruggedly handsome but unruffled appearance. The dreadlocks’ high quality and realistic appearance are both impressive. All of the hair is hand-crafted and can withstand high temperatures without compromising its appearance.

Twenty individual dreadlocks make up this bundle of extensions. About 5 grams can be ascribed to each strand. The diameter of the strands is 0.45 millimeters, and their length is 12 inches.

Because of its diminutive dimensions, this style of loc is frequently called a “micro loc” or “sister loc.” Dark brown, medium brown, white, light blonde and natural black are the available shades. There is a uniformity in the length of the strands across all hues. The use of hair bleach and dye is completely safe. And it’s sturdy enough for regular use.

3. Doar’s dreadlock extension for men is six inches long

Doar’s 6-inch faux loss for men will make you feel like a movie star. Remembering those who were black and accomplished is what this phrase evokes. Salient Characteristics The length is about 6 inches. Exceptional Kanekalon fiber In seven different hues. Those willing to experiment with their hairstyles will benefit from this. Nice on fades, and it looks just like real hair. A fade haircut will let you be a bad boy without apology.

Each pack of synthetic dreads hair extension features 20 individual strands. This is one of the best short dread extensions for men, measuring in at a full 6 inches in length. The high-quality kanekalon fiber mimics the look and feel of real loss. A feature I appreciate about this male hair extension is the wide range of color options. Dreadlocks can be purchased in seven different shades: black, chocolate, dark blonde, light blonde, dark grey, light grey, and light brown. Each loc is narrower than 1 inch and lighter than 2.5 grams.

4. Noverlife male faux locs

The protective properties of twists and dreadlocks are combined in the NoverLife faux locs. The loss can be worn down or twisted up. The NoverLife 10-Strand Male Faux Locs NoverLife Male Faux Locs 10-Strands. A great place to shop is Salient Characteristics Approximately 7 inches in length In seven different hues. Loops are already attached. Twisting and backcombing were used to create these synthetic dreads for men. The twirls and backcombing add to its already stunning appearance.

Naturally, this method is slower than others for making dreads, but that just goes to show how much care and attention to detail went into making this hair accessory. There are ten individual hair extensions in the package. They measure about 7 inches in length and about 0.7 centimeters in width each. Black, auburn, brown, dark brown, chocolate, light blonde, and grey hair colors are all on offer. You’ll need at least three packs of the extension to cover your entire head.

5. Daixi dreadlock extensions

Dreadlocks can be styled in countless ways. The Daixi 30-Strand Human Hair Dreadlocks are a great choice because they can be worn in a variety of ways. The DAIXI Man’s Dreadlock Extensions, 30 Strands of Real Hair Dreadlocks Extensions, Daixi 30 Strands A great place to shop is

Salient Characteristics length of 8 inches Crochet hook and rat tail comb included. In three distinct hues, It’s an add-on that’s made by hand and can be purchased in a range of hues. 

The locs are comfortable to wear and can be used with a wide variety of hair types. Dreadlocks have formed in the hair extension. It’s odorless and bendable, and it doesn’t stick together. There are 30 dreadlocks in the package.

Each strand is 0.8cm thick and 8 inches in length. They come in standard black, white, and blonde/dark blonde. If you want to get a fade haircut, you won’t need more than 30 strands. In that case, more than one bundle is required.

How to care for partial dreads?

How to Install Dread Extensions for Short Hair: Guide

The dreadlock hairstyle is one that has been popular in many different cultures. Short locks or mini dreads are the first steps in the dreadlock’s progression. Feelings of dread about one’s short hairstyle can facilitate a quicker rate of hair growth when the time comes to return to longer locks.

Dreads can be made with a brush, or they can be twisted with a comb. Using the information in this article and the right tools, one can begin dreadlocks formation even before their hair is an inch long. This is a simple method for encouraging natural dreadlock growth.

This is an essential tool for any method, but it is especially useful for the brushing or sponge approach. Sponge for dreading thick hair, or “dreads” for short. This tool is highly recommended by stylists for dreading short hair.

When applied to short hair, a sponge brush is preferred over a bristle brush. Locking the dreads with this cream is a great idea. It does the double duty of keeping the knots in the hair and keeping the hair together.

Dreadlock hairstyles for white girls 

White women’s fascination with dreadlocks begs the question: why? Some women that have dreadlocks identify as hippie, punk, or just plain ordinary. Someone with long, straight or wavy, silky hair can seem like an odd candidate to wish to obtain dreadlocks. Dreadlocks on white women have been seen by some as a kind of cultural appropriation or respect. What you think is the deciding factor.

The importance we give to one specific kind of haircut seems excessive to me. Varied people have different motivations for how they wear their hair. It’s not limited to people of African descent, the Caribbean, Jamaica, or the Rastafari faith. It’s more intricate than the average person realizes.

Dreadlocks are worn by some for religious reasons and by others as a form of self-expression via hairstyle. VICE published a story in which white dreadlock wearers were quizzed about their hairstyle choice. I loathed combing my hair, but I always loved the way they looked, so I wanted them for almost five years,” remarked one young lady. Then, before a trip, I resolved to get them custom-made so that my hair would be nice and easy to maintain.

1. UP-DO’S

Dreads of a sufficient length may be neatly placed on top of the head. Add a pop of color and stylish flare with a bouquet of bright flowers as an accessory. However, there are a variety of different dreadlocks types available if you want a less formal appearance.

2. Additions made of yarn & synthetic extensions

Faux dreads may be made using multicolored yarn and are frequently referred to as “knitted” dreadlocks. You can do Dreadlocks if you’re a hair braider. Curly or straight hair is equally acceptable. Using your imagination and skill, you may make it appear stunning to express yourself. See the 16-Hour Hair Braiding Course if you want to learn more about the Braiding License.

3. Dreadlock Jewelry

First, find the strand of hair that will fit into the loc jewel’s opening the best. The second step is to thread your loc through the loc gem piece. As a third step, thread your loc through the loc jewel and tighten it.

How to do dreads for white girls?

I bet you can’t predict the latest trend in the beauty industry just by looking at the models. Without a doubt, white girl dreads are the most popular hairstyle today. Dreadlocks are an incredibly fashionable hairstyle for white women right now, thanks to their distinctive look and quirky personality, because of the way white women’s hair tends to be coarse and unmanageable. However, if done properly, the results will be satisfying. 

You can get there by following these steps. Be sure to use a shampoo that leaves no residue and to towel-dry your hair thoroughly. Beginning with the middle part, you should section your hair. Furthermore, we can divide it into an upper and lower half. Make squares about a half an inch to an inch in size for the dreads.

Dreads are made by starting with the tail end of your hair and working up. Place the piece in the palm of your hand and give it a light rub. Gently press the comb upward from near the scalp. For the perfect twist for your dreadlocks, roll up the section of hair with your fingers. In order to complete the white girl dreads look, a high-quality hair wax should be used.

Watch How to install double ended extensions in short hair | Video

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to dread extensions for short hair

Is there a time limit on how long dread extensions can be maintained?

Given proper maintenance and the quality of the hair used, extensions can last anywhere from one to three years. Hair extensions made of synthetic materials are not detrimental to the health of your natural hair and can be removed at any time. When human hair is crocheted securely into your natural dreadlocks, the result is a more “permanent” extension.

How short do dreadlocks have to be?

Even if your hair is only three inches long, you can still dread it; it just won’t settle as quickly.

Can you explain the process of creating dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks, or rip & twists, are made by first twisting the hair in the desired direction, then separating the twists, and finally re-twisting in the opposite direction. At last, dreads are made by pulling the lock’s end through the root to secure the new growth to the scalp and create an interlocking pattern.

What is the process for creating dreadlocks?

The time it takes for dreadlocks to form from recently cut hair is a common topic of conversation. It takes most people between 18 and 24 months for their dreadlocks to reach full maturity, but the time frame can range from 10 to 2 years.

What products do you use to keep your dreadlocks looking fresh?

Keeping your dreads clean, hydrated, and protected will promote healthy growth and length retention. The hair and scalp need to be cleansed and washed on a regular basis (every two to three weeks) to remove any buildup of products, oil, or debris.


In conclusion, dreadlocks extensions’ rising popularity can be attributed to the fact that they are both reasonably priced and simple to install. People no longer have to go to expensive salons to have them done; instead, they can do it themselves at home.

Putting on a set of fake dreadlocks is a quick and easy approach to revamp your appearance and confidence. Many individuals are curious about how long their synthetic dreads will endure, but it is not easy to provide a definitive answer.

The care you give your synthetic dreadlocks, the kind of hair you have, and the products you use are all variables in how long they will last. There is a wide range of opinions on how long they endure before requiring a touch-up or trim, with some putting the number at six months and others at a full year.

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