Why Is My Purple Hair Turned Green and How to Fix It: Guide

All of us have been there at some point. You became sick of your purple hair and moved on. The unexpected result of bleaching your fading purple was a vibrant green color. Furthermore, the green has not been faded by bleaching.

It’s not easy to get rid of purple hair color, and the unexpected response to bleach may leave you wondering how you got green hair. Many violet colors oxidize to green, and this is something that may happen if you bleach your hair, use a color remover, bleach your bath, or apply a permanent color on top of purple hair. This green discoloration might be difficult to remove.

I’m going to tell you a simple way to get rid of the green stain using things you probably already have on hand. This is a chunk of hair that I colored with Manic Panic’s Deep Purple Dream and then bleached to show the issue. Like many other shades of purple, bleaching this one results in a greenish-blue hue.

The purple hue before bleaching is clearly seen at the top of the image. This is a common occurrence when individuals attempt to remove the color purple, and we have numerous forum inquiries from those looking for a solution to their green hair. Green staining is not limited to very dark purples; it may develop while toning with a violet toner or even years after the hair was originally dyed purple.

What does green hair mean?

Why Is My Purple Hair Turned Green and How to Fix It: Guide

I’m sure you’ve heard lots of anecdotes or perhaps met a few individuals who were willing to criticize you only because of the color of your hair. The color of your hair, whether it’s green, red, or another hue, might be indicative of your personality. Okay, I don’t think there’s any way to know for sure what a certain hair color means, but it sure would be interesting to see how others interpret it.

Think so too? In any case, check out these intriguing assertions. Girls that have green hair are seen to be independent and cool under pressure, much like the color green itself. Girls that wear green are the ones to hang out with if you’re seeking tranquility, given that green is a calming hue in daily life. According to popular belief in the anime industry, girls with green hair are likewise more athletic than those with any other hair color.

Since we’re on the topic of stereotypes based on hair color, I’ll assume you know that most people think blondes are the most carefree. Scientists agree, saying that women who dye their hair red are more confident in their sexuality and are seen as more attractive by others. In contrast, the old adage that blondes are less intelligent than their brunette coworkers has been disproven.

They are so intelligent that half of the people surveyed think the first female president may be blonde. Girls who dye their hair orange are a hybrid of the bold redhead and the confident blonde; the color orange is derived from the mixing of these two primaries, yellow and red. They are less prone to anger and more likely to see the bright side of life. They have the audacity of a redhead and attempt the impossible.

Why is my hair turning green when I dye it?

Why Is My Purple Hair Turned Green and How to Fix It: Guide

A hairdresser removed the purple, and I now have balayage blonde/brown hair. The hairdresser used bleach on my hair, but it came out the green in the end (probably due to the purple), then he used two toners to remove the green and make it a beautiful grey/sandy blonde.

Since my natural hair color is black and I had the same problem with coloring my hair blonde, I purchased some brunette semi-permanent ammonia-free dye and dyed my hair that brown hue, which helped to tone down the blonde and prevent it from becoming green.

In the end, I had to cut off all the blonde since it really damaged my hair, but you may try what I did and see if it works for you: wash your hair every day with the John Frieda brunette shampoo/conditioner to add even more brown tones to the blonde, which helped take away the green for me.

I’ve heard that chlorine may cause green hair, but that isn’t the case for me. When my hairdresser bleached it, instead of bringing out the yellow tones, the ends went green, and my original purple hair color was lost. I don’t want to cover up the green with a deeper dye, and I’ve heard that pouring ketchup on your hair would remove the color, but I’ve never tried it myself for fear of looking ridiculous.

1. It’s never completely safe to dye your hair

It’s possible that you’ll get a whole different hue or the incorrect shade. Dark brown, for instance, is not all that different from medium brown, but it sure as heck isn’t green. When attempting to darken their blonde hair, many ladies perceive green.

2. The frustrating pigment therapy procedures

The remaining natural pigments in our hair hues are responsible for all of our hair colors. Blondes, as an example, have a yellow color in their hair. So, they become orange instead of brown when they attempt to do so.

That’s why so many blonde ladies are researching anti-brassy strategies. Brown hair, like orange hair, has an orange pigment, but it’s redder than brown hair. Keep in mind the complementary hues of the spectrum the next time you decide to change your hair color.

  • Red-green
  • Shades of orange and blue
  • Yellow to purple

3. What you can do to remove the green from your hair

Many have had the issue of hair turning green after coloring it brown. For this reason, brown hair dye has a varied reaction with the human hair’s inherent colors. Whatever the case may be, it is frustrating to many of us. Read on, however, since we have the simplest and fastest answers to your problem.

4. Addicting fast food

You will be astounded by how simple, inexpensive, and fast it is to get rid of that pesky green hue. What did you think it was going to be? Look for a red color. Ketchup is a possible ingredient! This fast repair procedure is excellent for instances when you don’t have access to expert hairstylists and hair supplies.

It won’t help your hair achieve the exact lustrous brown color you’ve dreamt of, but it may neutralize the green successfully until you go to the professional’s chair. Green hair is achieved by oxidizing the dye while applying it, which turns the copper color that has bonded to the hair shaft green.

In order to make ketchup, tomatoes and vinegar are combined. Both include acids that may counteract the reaction, which causes your hair to become green. It’s important to keep in mind that the issue has to be relatively mild for this strategy to be effective. It won’t provide any outcomes if the green is overpowering.

5. Yet another round of dying

The red has canceled out the green, so now we can choose the appropriate hair coloring. To complement the depth of your hair, you should choose a red-based dye. To match medium brown hair, for instance, a medium chestnut shade would be ideal. Remember that you shouldn’t be on the lookout for red hair. The objective here is to zero in on a hue that contains red. Check out some trendy brown tones. Numerous of them are based on red.

Why my purple hair got green stains?

When you first got it, did it have a green tint? The shade of purple you used is mysterious. It is best to avoid bleaching out purple until it is extremely faded since most fabrics don’t fade to that color but may get green when oxidized. Your hair seems to be becoming blue at the ends. I’m assuming the tips were lightened using bleach.

If that’s the case, the presence of natural yellow tones in the area might be what’s causing the green hue. I was wondering, what is your favorite shade of color? The addition of red will help cancel out the green, but before you commit to it fully, I recommend doing a strand test since the final result may be less vibrant than you’d want. If you happen to have some pink floating around, say, a good cerise/fuchsia color, I would also attempt a strand test with that. It has the potential to become a beautiful shade of pinkish purple.

Does anyone have any idea what may be going on there? Because my hairdresser warned me about what could happen if I tried another semi-permanent color like the ones we discuss here: the pigments are too concentrated and will always enter too deeply into the cuticle (or something like that) and in the end, the green will never come out because the blue pigment in the purple will make the green color still in the hair even more vivid.

How to fix green hair from chlorine? 

Why Is My Purple Hair Turned Green and How to Fix It: Guide

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way first. Our hair, as I’m sure you know, acts like a sponge. It has a high porosity rating. Greening of hair from swimming pools is neither caused by chlorine in pool water nor by the water reacting to your hair if you color it, contrary to common perception.

As a result of the high concentration of hard metals (copper, iron, and manganese in particular) in the pool water, your hair will become a vivid shade of green. Consider the value of a few old pennies versus the Statue of Liberty.

Chlorine acts as an oxidizer, causing the metals to bind to your hair and either turn it green or make your natural color seem incredibly flat and ashy. This is why we recommended in our last piece that you rinse your hair well with clean water before entering the pool so that it doesn’t absorb any of the chlorinated water.

Since most people already have baking soda on hand, this is likely the most economical and convenient option. If you don’t have any, you can get some on Amazon. ( There are many more places it may be put to good use around the home. Use a quarter to a half cup of baking soda and enough water to make a paste in a basin.

Apply the paste to the green patches and work it through the hair. Use clean water to rinse. After washing away all of the baking soda, proceed with your regular washing routine. The number of times you’ll need to do this depends on how to green your hair is.

Alternatively, you may form a paste of water and baking soda and use it in place of shampoo to have the same effect. After shampooing, soak your hair in lemon juice for 5 minutes. When finished, just launder as usual. One of our readers said that her stylist recommended she drink lemon Kool-Aid in an article I made back in the day. She diluted it with water and rubbed it into her daughter’s green hair, which quickly faded.

What are the 5 different ways to get rid of green hair?

Pretreatment with a designed quaternary ammonium agent inhibits the enhanced copper absorption that results from hair oxidation. However, using a conditioner before and after swimming, such as Trihard’s, may help prevent green hair by forming a protective layer over the hair and limiting the hair’s exposure to chlorine and copper.

After getting out of the pool, use a swimmer’s shampoo to wash away the copper and chlorine that has accumulated on your hair. The greening of your hair should now be avoided.

1. A swim shampoo is what you need

Shampoos specifically intended to remove pool chemicals, like Trihard’s After Swim Shampoo, are an excellent choice for removing green residue from hair after a dip in the pool. After the chlorine is washed out, the copper-induced oxidation damage on the hair fibers is neutralized, and the green color may be washed out of the hair.

2. Apply a special conditioner made for swimmers’ hair

Trihard’s Pre & Post Swim Conditioner, for example, is an excellent alternative to swim-specific shampoos because it prevents the absorption of pool chemicals and eliminates them, neutralizes oxidation damage caused by copper on hair fibers, effectively removes green hair, and restores texture and smoothness. These two products perform well together and provide a better outcome for your hair than the swim-specific shampoo and conditioner.

3. Salicylic acid

If you want to get rid of your green hair on the cheap, try baking soda. Here’s what you should do. Put 1/4 to 1/2 cup baking soda into a bowl. Add water and stir until paste forms. Apply the baking soda paste to your green hair and massage it in for two to three minutes. The next step is to treat your hair to a regular shampoo and conditioning session in the shower.

The strength of the green tint on your hair will determine how many times you’ll need to perform this technique.

4. Ketchup

Massage the sore spots with some ketchup.

Get some tin foil and wrap it around your hair. If you want to get rid of the green hue, you should wait around 30 minutes. After half an hour is over, proceed with your regular hair washing and conditioning routine.

5. Juice of Lemon

Lemon juice, if left on the hair for 5-10 minutes, may help restore shine and softness. Then, wash your hair as usual with shampoo and conditioner in the shower.

How to prevent green hair in future? 

Why Is My Purple Hair Turned Green and How to Fix It: Guide

When blondes spend too much time in chlorinated water, their hair turns unattractive shades of green. Everyone’s hair is different, however some people’s hair turns green after just two or three days of swimming in chlorinated pools. There are a few things you can do to get the pool out of your hair and get rid of the green color.

1. Vinegar and baking soda may be used to get rid of the green color

To clarify your hair, please wash it. The green hue, if not completely hidden, should become more apparent. You should wash your hair before moving on. To prepare the vinegar solution, follow these steps. The tips of your hair are generally the only part that has become green, so you just need a basin large enough to contain half a cup of water and a quarter cup of vinegar.

2. Green can be disguised with tomato juice

Use shampoo to clean your hair. This will help reduce the first amount of green, but clean hair is still necessary before proceeding. If you want to clean your hair, use tomato juice. Put some tomato juice (or tomato soup) on your head. Spread the tomato juice into your hair by running your fingers through it. Please wait two or three minutes before proceeding. If you really want to be thorough, you may wash with tomato juice and rinse again.

3. Using specialized shampoos to get rid of the grassy smell

Get yourself some high-quality shampoo. When natural at-home solutions aren’t cutting it, you may always resort to one of the many commercial hair care products designed for swimmers.

Try out the Malibu C Swimmers Shampoo and conditioner or the Ion Swimmer’s shampoo from Sally Beauty. Aloe vera, vitamin E, and EDTA are the three most important things to look for in a shampoo (Edetic Acid). These will aid in preventing further discoloration while conditioning and strengthening your hair.

4. Use salon-grade clarifying shampoo to clean your hair thoroughly

Just do what it says on the bottle! Or, you might take precautionary precautions by using a leave-in treatment before swimming. Use either Malibu C Swimmer’s Natural Wellness Treatment or H2O Pre Swim Gel.

These processes not only help restore color but also seal the hair, which helps to protect it from further fading and fading in the future. Do a quick hair rinse. Make sure to wash all traces of the specialized shampoo from your hair.

5. Avoiding unnatural hair color

Get some water in your hair. Dry hair is more susceptible to absorbing whatever comes in contact with water. Wet hair acts as a barrier since it is already saturated with water and won’t take on any more pool water or chemicals.

If you want to swim, it’s a good idea to wet your hair beforehand by running it under the tap or taking a shower. Conditioner acts as a protective layer between your hair and the harsh chlorine in swimming pools. Apply conditioner to your hair before going swimming to keep the chlorine and saltwater out.

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People also ask related to purple hair turned green how to fix? 

How can you undo the damage done by the purple dye?

Because of its surprise reactivity to bleach, the purple dye might leave you with green hair long after you thought you’d removed it. The oxidation of many violet colours to green may occur if you bleach your hair, use a color remover, bleach your bath water, or apply a permanent color over purple hair.

When I color my hair purple, does it becomes green?

Green hair is most often linked with bleaching, although it may also occur while trying to darken your hair with color. For instance, the blue pigments in black hair dyes and rinses may create a greenish cast when they mix with the natural yellow and gold tones in your hair.

Which hue best masks green undertones in hair?

Color may be neutralized or toned down by using its complementary color on the color wheel. Green is the result when pink and red are toned down. To neutralize green and even teal undertones, use Pink Toning Conditioner, a red-leaning pink.

To what extent may green hair be disguised?

Baking soda, ketchup, lemon juice, lemon kool-aid, a mixture of aspirin and water, or clarifying shampoos may all be used to remove green dye from hair.

Can green hair be removed by ketchup?

The belief that ketchup may hide green hair stems from the fact that green and red are complementary colors on the color wheel.


My question is why my hair suddenly went from brown to green. Does anybody know how to bleach off the green from one’s hair? These are the top two vacation-related queries we get from readers. However, it’s typical for hair of any season or color to become green.

Not only may blonde hair become green from chlorine or faulty bleaching, but brunette and red hair hues can also acquire a bluish-green hue from lack of maintenance or amateur hair coloring. Below, we’ll go through what causes your hair to become green and what you can do about it.

Is there anything you can do to fix bleached blonde hair that has gone green? We propose a hair color with red tones, in addition to the standard hair care treatments available at any drugstore or grocery shop, for repairing green hair caused by bleach. As a result of the red’s ability to cancel out the greenish tones, your hair will seem as lovely and healthy as you’ve always dreamed it might.

There are some intriguing side effects of swimming in a pool and improper hair coloring, and yes, even brunettes find out about them and start seeking online how to tone green hair or how to cover it up. As for brunettes, the same tint as that which neutralizes green hair on blondes will do the trick. Green hair may be made to seem normal again by dying it using a red-based dye. If your natural hair color is medium brown, you should probably color it chestnut brown, etc.

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